Reaching out to the best needs

Stable Arm has been established as a laboratory equipment supplier since 2001. We are Malaysia’s top distributor of laboratories and scientific equipment, consumables, custom services, chemical, and biological reagents for life science, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical research

Living up with “Reaching out to serve your research needs” as our main corporate statement has also became part of our company’s prime goal to continuously providing a cutting-edge solutions with top-notch quality. Parallel to our mission which is to ensure our customer research which consist in areas of liquid handling such as microarray DNA chip including biotechnology products, life sciences, mycotoxin analysis and sample preparation for pesticides residues and contaminants in food along with environmental samples. 

Our product supplies services have ranged from consumables up to high end analytical instrumentations. We are currently supplying pre-owned equipment which has been refurbished, tested and calibrated to ensure our product supplies fulfilled the required standard and specifications.

What we offer

General Lab

We take pride in offering an extensive array of laboratory essentials, ensuring that researchers, scientists, and educational institutions have access to the tools...

Repair & Service Lab equipment

Our dedicated team of skilled technicians and engineers is equipped with the expertise and resources to handle a wide range of laboratory instruments. From...


“Precision Begins with Proper Laboratory Sample Preparation” LCTech has been developing innovative products and methods for the...

Custom Equipment

Here at Stable Arm, we specialize in custom equipment services dedicated to supporting researchers in achieving their project goals seamlessly. With our...


We offer a diverse selection of refurbished lab equipment to cater various research disciplines and applications. Whether you need centrifuges, microscopes,...


Stable Arm provides leasing equipment service as a cost-efficient method to improve our customer’s fleet. Stable Arm are fully aware that the thought of making...

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