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Protein Purification Column


Liquid preparative chromatography is a widely used downstream purification technique that can be used on a wide range of compounds. The common targeted molecules include proteins, peptides and/or nucleic acids. With the emergence of smaller particle, higher performance chromatography media, there has been an identified need for higher pressure column hardware that can handle the increased back pressure loading in a safe column configuration. Traditionally, this has been addressed with stainless steel hardware, which does not allow the scientist visibility of the column contents.

Essential Life Solutions designed a "Next Generation" column line to address these evolving demands. Drawing on its many years of experience, Essential Life is pleased to announce the most effective and user friendly preparative column on the market.

SNAP® columns have been designed to exceed what is currently available to the scientist for laboratory use. Essential Life understands the value that the scientist places on his or her results, and we have strived to help them achieve those goals.