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Pipette Tips

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  1. Pipette Tips from Greiner Bio-One

    Pipette tips are a key component in day-to-day life science research and need to be of a high quality to ensure confidence and consistency in pipetting results. Our tips are manufactured from high-grade polypropylene to give the optimum in performance and fit. Additionally, polypropylene has a high breaking strength, is dimensionally stable, heat-resistant up to approx. +140°C, i.e. is autoclavable, and cold-resistant down to -190°C. All coloured Greiner Bio-One pipette tips are manufactured exclusively with heavy metal free dyes. Pipette tips from Greiner Bio-One are therefore free of heavy metals.

    Versions available are:
    • Micro tips (0.5 - 20 µl)
    • 200 µl tips (10 - 300 µl)
    • 1000 µl tips (100 - 1000 µl)
    • Macro tip (5 ml)
    • Gel-load tips
    • Conductive tips
    • Filter tips
  2. Choice of Packaging

    • Bags (Bulk)
      In addition to pipette tips in racks, all standard pipette tips without filters are also available bulk-packed in polyethylene bags. Pipette tips in polyethylene bags are cheapest for the customer but are also the most work-intensive. It is not possible to autoclave the tips in the bag, as the polyethylene bag is not heat-resistant. However, the tips can be autoclaved in racks. We will be glad to supply you with empty racks
    • Racks
      A more convenient solution often taking up less bench space are pre-packed tips that minimise any risk of contamination and make for easy "pick up". Racked tips can be supplied pre-sterilised by irradiation or non-sterile which allows for autoclaving as and when required.
    • EasyLoad Racks
      EasyLoad is a simple, time- and space-saving refill system for pipette tips. The refill system also contains EasyLoad racks (EL-racks) specially developed for this purpose. The modularly constructed EasyLoad racks are available in three different sizes (for 10 µl, 200 µl and 1000 µl tips) (Fig. 4). They consist of a polypropylene box with attached lid and a polypropylene insert plate. Users of the EasyLoad refill system ( p. 6l 14) will find the insert plate included in the refill unit. The EasyLoad racks are also particularly well suited for use with multi-channel pipettors, since the individual tips in the rack can be picked up with the same force. For "self-sticking" of tips special EasyLoad racks with an insert plate can be ordered (Fig. 4). The insert plate can also be ordered separately.
  3. Quality Assurance

    Pipette tips from Greiner Bio-One are manufactured under production conditions certified as conforming to the ISO 9001 standard. They are also tested for conformance with the international standard DIN ISO 8655 (specifically ISO 8655-1, ISO 8655-2 and ISO 8655-6). Greiner Bio-One exclusively uses carefully inspected raw materials for the production of pipette tips and carries out continual in-process checks as well as laboratory tests to ensure that all tips meet the standards listed above. In addition, the pipette tips are constantly monitored for a precise fit on the commonly used pipettors.

White standard rack ( ST-rack )

Yellow standard rack ( ST-rack)

Blue standard rack ( ST-rack )

Blue EasyLoad rack for 1000 µl tips ( ST-rack )

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