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OtaCLEAN Immuno Affinity Column for Ochratoxin A

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The immunoaffinity column OtaCLEAN has been developed for the sample preparation within food analysis via either HPLC with fluorescence detection or LC-MS. The monoclonal antibody was especially designed for this field of application and thus guarantees best results, even with difficult matrices and also with feed samples.

The OtaCLEAN columns are available in the practical 3 mL polypropylene format, showing significant handling advantages compared to columns with a smaller inner diameter, e. g. accelerated run-through, reduce matrix-dependent clogging due to greater surfaces.

Applying the delivered LCTech protocol, the recoveries obtained will be 90 % for an ochratoxin A standard. The maximum loading capacity is 200 ng. A cross-reactivity against ochratoxin B is observed, but not against phenylalanine.Since the antibodies as well as the immunoaffinity columns are both produced inhouse, LCTech can do numerous quality tests over the whole production process. The final release for sale is done with the ochratoxin A challenge test.

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The new LC-TECH immunoaffinity column Ota- CLEAN was developed for sample clean-up of foods, grains, feeds, etc. for Ochratoxin A analysis using HPLC or other techniques. The antibody employed possesses a very high Ochratoxin A specificity. This leads to exceptional chromato- graphic results without any interfering secondary signals and very high recovery rates. Independent of the complexity of the matrix, excellent results can be achieved.

High Recoveries of Ochratoxin A
Matrix Recovery Rate
 Beer  96 %
 Cocoa  92 %
 Coffee  100 %
 Coffee Decaf  91 %
 Duran Wheat  92 %
 Grapes 91 %
 Horse Feed  94 %
 Instant coffee  97 %
 Liquorices  99 %
 Malt  104 %
 Nut Cream  91 %
 Paprika  92 %
 Pig feed  88 %
 Raisins  96 %
 Roast Coffee  101 %
 Rice  90 %
 Dried Distillers Grain  102 %
 Red Wine  108 %
 Rye Bran  91 %
 Wort  107 %