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Cyto Check

Microarray test kits detect mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures and other biological materials. Kits feature 40 species-specific probes and one universal probe test to identify virtually all reported contaminations using PCR detection. Each DNA probe is spotted five times to ensure assay robustness.

On-chip control systems with Cy3- and Cy5-labeling allow for exact quality determination. Comprehensive assays are completed in under five hours from sample collection to evaluation. Highly specific and sensitive probes eliminate virtually all false-postive and false-negative test results. Validated in accordance with European Pharmocopoeia (Ph. Eur. 2.6.21) guidelines. Detection limit of <10 CFU/mL complies with biologics production requirements.

CheckScannertm microarray scanner is necessary for scanning and evalulating samples. Features two-color laser microarray scanner with excitation wavelengths of 532nm and 635nm, motorized focus adjustment, automatic bar code reading, and adjustable pixel resolution of 4 to 100µm. Fully compatible with CheckReporttm software and connects to PC via USB port. Subject to conformity procedure under the German Medical Product Law and the European Guideline 97/98/EC.

Check Scanner

  • Is subject to the conformity procedure under the German Medical Product Law (MPG) and the European Guideline 97/98/EC
  • CE-marked
  • The coordinated parallel development of compatible scanner and software permits the fully automated detection and analysis of up to 4 HTA Slides
  • Through the use of innovative control systems on the individual diagnostic kits from Greiner Bio-One, which are monitored by the CheckReport Software during the evaluation, false negative or false positive results are virtually excluded.

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