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For freezing samples, Greiner Bio-One offers a user-friendly system that includes a variety of different CE-marked Cryo.s  with an appropriate support rack.

Cryo.s  are suitable for storage of cell cultures, tissue samples, microbiological samples (e.g. viruses, bacteria, yeast and other fungi, spores), material of human or animal origin, such as blood, serum and sperm as well as antibodies, RNA, DNA and protein samples. (Cryo.s  are not intended for sample storage within reproductive medicine.)

Our wide selection of Cryo.s products
includes freezing tubes with different volumes, different base forms, as well as several cap colours. Identification and labelling of the samples is achieved by a choice of coloured screw caps and a white, scratch-resistant writing area. Additional white cap inserts are enclosed in each sales pack for labelling on the cap.

Cryo.s  are made of polypropylene which is characterised by high thermal resistance in a temperature range from -196°C to +121°C.

The direct storage of tubes in liquid nitrogen is in general a safety hazard. As a safety precaution Cryo.s  should be stored in a freezer or exclusively in the gas phase over THE LIQUID NITROGEN.

CRYO.S  from greiner bio-one are

  • Sterile
  • Endotoxin - free
  • Non - cytotoxic
  • Free of detectable dnase, rnase, human DNA
  • Available in different sizes
  • Supplied with an internal thread for 1 ml, 2 ml and 5 ml or with an external thread for 2 ml and 4 ml
  • Also available without a starfoot base
  • Available with white, scratch-resistant writing area
  • Available in coloured screw caps for easier identification of samples

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