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Automated Sample Clean-up

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Automated Sample Preparation for immunoaffinity columns(IAC) or SPE cartridges


The LCTech AcceCLEAN processes up to 30 samples in one batch, three samples simultaneously. Sample clean-up of crude extracts for a broad range of matrices is performed using immunoaffinity columns or SPE cartridges.

Condition, Drain, Load, Wash, Dry, Elute - these are the single steps that can be combined arbitrarily and are flexibly adapted to the application. Up to 50 methods can be stored in the system, for standard applications with LCTech IAC columns complete ready-to-use methods are pre-programmed.

Regardless whether you focus on PCBs in soil, pesticides in fruit or mycotoxins in herbs and spices - whenever required, the AcceCLEAN will support your need for a higher quantity of SPE or IAC columns.Why not automate time-consuming working steps with AcceCLEAN!

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